Electric Jug Band

Summer Time Jug Nation!!

Hey Howdy Hey Y'all!!!

WOW!!!! What an amazing time at the Bus Stop Jamboree!!!!! Thanks to everyone that makes this FREE event possible!! Especially all the amazing bands and musicians that all play for FREE for the LOVE of music!!! Thanks y'all!!

EJB is excited to be playing at Shakespeare's with Stikyfut on Friday May 31, then we round up and meet at the Roadhouse in Paw Paw for Bike Night on June 5!! Can't wait to get the Jam On for all you bikers!!

June 15 we kick off Hoodilidoo with a sweet Jug Jam at high NOON!!!! Yee Haww y'all!!!

We love all you all!!! Hope to see you soon!!!!  (~);}


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